Corporate culture

☆Brand Vision - to become the industry's best-selling brand children's toys


"Build the market bestselling brand," the vision of positioning, both rooted in the dragon for more than 20 years focus on the toy industry, but also based on the status quo, hoping for a good market prospects, pointing to the exciting future.

   Long high lead the development of custom toys, dare to first, and good at integrating resources, momentum development. Quality as the driving force, good at differentiated market competition, so that enterprises become a rational structure, advanced system, scientific management, with strong core competitiveness of the modern enterprise. Determined to become a model of industry quality, by the consumer favorite style custom home products, molded into the market's best-selling toy brand!

☆Corporate mission - to create a new standard for customizing children 's intellectual toys


"Create a century brand" is the Longgao toy mission and commitment, which not only all employees are full of sense of mission and sense of accomplishment, leaving customers, suppliers, society, the environment, Benefit. Which will continue to spur the Long high on the product technology excellence, and strengthen the product R & D and design guidance, so that the dragon high brand to become quality, innovation, wisdom collar synonymous, and then the achievements of a century brand, to create a century of social respect Brand enterprises.

☆Enterprise Core Values - Innovative Competitive Quality, Win - Win Unity and Efficiency

     "Responsibility" not only covers the responsibility of the enterprise to the employees, but also the responsibility to consumers, dealers, suppliers, society and the environment, which requires companies to go beyond the traditional concept of profit as the only goal, emphasizing the need to The value of the attention of the people, emphasizing the responsibility of the consumer, the environment, the community. "Pay" is a prerequisite to achieve a win-win situation, when the various types of relationship with the existence of the body, development and progress to take responsibility to cultivate the progress of the soil, the relationship between the body is also fully support and support the development and expansion of enterprises, The achievements of a hundred years of dedication to the wisdom of the brand.

       As the pursuit of a century-long brand advocate win-win concept, win-win not only refers to employees and enterprises, but also customers, suppliers, society, nature and other relationships, create sharing, and seek common development; win-win concept is also promoting the new The subject of a variety of relationships in the passion of hard work, the achievements of a mutual trust, help each other, create a shared relationship, and thus promote the dragon high the custom toy wheel to the success of the other side.

☆Business philosophy - frank and pragmatic and efficient development

     Longgao home uphold the honest and pragmatic concept, to carry out customer-oriented business activities, and then down-to-earth organization of research and development, production, sales, publicity, services and other work, strengthen management, improve service system to ensure that enterprises in efficient operation status. At the same time, Long high on the product technology excellence, product development and design guidance force tirelessly, and actively penetrate into the previous areas without information, the courage to open up, the industry-led industry development.

☆Quality concept - high standard fine zero defect

      Uncompromising attention to the process, solid rock quality, so that the dragon has been in high-speed high-speed development of more than 10 years, the dragon expert to understand, the development of enterprises, all from the customer's trust, and Long Gao is strictly abide by A high standard, fine, zero defect quality concept, only to obtain the trust of customers. Under the guidance of the quality of the concept, the dragon high products not only to meet international standards, but also to gradually upgrade to the international advanced standards, which makes the "tatco dragon high" products for consumers agree, favor and love, and ultimately hit the dragon Best-selling brand.

☆Marketing idea - a strong brand differentiation to create a benchmark

 Long high companies from the beginning of the business focus on brand operations, pay attention to enrich and refine the core competitiveness of enterprises, and a clear brand positioning and target groups on the basis of the establishment and sustainable development of the brand marketing activities, to give brand vitality, Cast a strong brand.

------ tatco dragon high

       "Differentiated brand of a strong brand" marketing idea, it is in the "tatco dragon high" brand's purpose and banner, the specific sectors of the specific analysis, decisive to take differentiated marketing strategy, the professional market to do Through the deep, in the various sub-professional market access to the dominant position. "Differentiation" as "a benchmark" to lay the foundation for the new standard to actively penetrate the predecessors did not involve the field, the courage to explore, pioneers, and then create a new benchmark for the industry. In the new benchmark to establish a time, for different markets to take the appropriate strategy, regardless of day and night to point to the crucial point, the achievements of a strong brand.

☆Service concept - customer-loving sincere and sincere

 "Customer", concentrates on Long high service targets all customer needs as the starting point, to meet or exceed customer service value. In the era of economic globalization, increasing competition, the service to create value, service benefits have become a consensus, based on the dragon high people abide by the "warm and sincere" customer service attitude, so that customers always enjoy the high quality service.

☆Talent concept - Houde heavy technology internal priority

 Longgao  people from all corners of the globe, conspiracy hundred years of brand, in creating a hundred years of brand journey, pursue the "Houde heavy technology internal priority" concept of talent. In the technology, ability to measure talent, the selection of talent, but also to character to be standardized, the establishment of a contingent of talent, efficient operation of the team. Longgao advocate responsibility, win-win concept, perseverance to shape the sense of belonging to employees, staff training and promotion of the platform, so every talent selection, Long Gao Houde heavy technology under the guidance of the implementation of "internal priority" Principles, give priority to training and promotion of internal talent, to build a strong sense of belonging to the team.

☆Learning philosophy - learning endless use


The development of the dragon high, profound experience to the importance of learning enterprises. Only enterprises and employees to establish a sense of learning, in order to always face the changes in the environment. Through learning and tempering, to enhance their own literacy and level, so that the new standard door industry development pace more solid.

        Long Gao people advocate "learning to apply the practice of learning" concept, to continue to learn and improve the moment to maintain innovation, the new opportunities for the keen sense of smell and the opportunity to grasp the power of knowledge, endless knowledge; learning the purpose of Application, innovation management system, innovation process, to create high-quality, beyond the customer value of the service system to meet the children's demand for high-quality toy products, highlighting the dragon for the social development and contribute to the value and talent!

☆The concept of competition - a steady stream of innovation

     In the highly competitive market environment, Longgao toys from the product competitiveness, brand image, product promotion, the terminal image, channels and other aspects of strict adherence to the principle of precision of competition, to eliminate competition, clear rivals, clear their own consumer groups, and in On this basis, fully integrate the advantages of the market and industry resources, innovative means to win the opportunity to win the market, to win the consumer.

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